Surf with Amigas

Surf with Amigas

If you're interested in surfing and improving your surfing, the best women-taught and women-focused tutorials live here. Surfing is about a lot of different things: there are different waves, different boards, different approaches. This section is dedicated to all of it. Learn surf tips broken down into four different levels. There's another category that includes things like etiquette, how to wrap your leash and carry your board, and other Further Essentials beyond performance-focused tips. This is also a place to learn about surfboards and fins. All the answers to questions you've been wanting to ask with no intimidation factor.

Surf with Amigas
  • Foundations

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    We don't believe in just facilitating a "surf experience" where the focus is just on getting you to stand up, claim it, get the photo, and cross it off your bucket list. Maybe you've even taken a lesson like that. It might have been a nice little taste of the feel of surfing. If you're here, you ...

  • Next Steps

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    If you identify as an "advanced beginner" you already know the basics of how to stand up in the whitewash and maybe even on an unbroken wave, but you're working on refining those skills. You're working on becoming more proficient riding down the line on an unbroken wave, starting to do turns like...

  • Progression

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    You know how to surf. You can paddle out into a lineup, find your spot, wait for your wave, choose it, take off and ride it. You're working on maneuvers like cross-stepping, hang fives, cutbacks, deeper bottom turns, and starting to hit the lip.

  • Mastery
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    Surfing involves the potential for never-ending progression. A lifetime of dedication still won't ensure mastery. There are always new things to learn, new waves to ride, and new ways to ride them. This section is for those that consider themselves to be at an advanced-level. You'll find tube rid...

  • All about Surfboards

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    We love surfboards. They are the craft that allow us to glide, slide, shred, play, and express ourselves while riding waves. This section is dedicated to all things surfboards, fins, and other related equipment.

  • Further Essentials

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    In this section you'll find tips on things like choosing the right board, how to read a surf forecast, how to read waves, manage your gear, etc. Any tip related to surfing that's beyond actually catching and riding a wave is found here.

  • Meet Your Instructors

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    Surf tips and coaching are typically only as good as the coaches themselves. It's true the old saying that "those than can, do, and those that can't, teach." However, we believe that those that teach should also be able to do. We put a lot of energy into building an awesome team of female coaches...