Further Essentials

Further Essentials

In this section you'll find tips on things like choosing the right board, how to read a surf forecast, how to read waves, manage your gear, etc. Any tip related to surfing that's beyond actually catching and riding a wave is found here.

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Further Essentials
  • The Coco Chanel Paddle

    The Coco Chanel paddle focuses on maximizing the efficiency of each stroke to save your shoulders and ensure long sessions. Holly talks through some helpful tips to paddle strong while saving your shoulders.

  • Surf Etiquette - Navigating a Crowded Lineup

    Surf etiquette is a tricky topic. There are solid rules, grey areas, cultural expectations, and new beliefs about surf privilege. Holly breaks down the clear and easy rules and also talks about the times when the rules might not apply and how to deal with that.

  • How to Towel Change Bathing Suits

    After you surf, it's nice to be able to change into a dry bathing suit for the drive home. Beany demonstrates this crucial skill on the beach in El Salvador.

  • The Secret to Reading Waves

    You can practice your popups and study maneuvers, but until you can understand where to paddle for the wave, which wave to choose, and what that wave is going to do, your progression is limited. This video will introduce the concepts needed to begin understanding how to read waves. Spoiler alert:...

  • How to Take Care of Your Wetsuit

    Taking care of your wetsuit properly ensures the investment you make in your warmth and comfort lasts as long as possible. Angela from Mamala wetsuits and her friends talk though some tips for proper rinsing, drying, and repairing so you can have cozy surf sessions all winter long.

  • How to Spray Paint on a Surfboard

    Whether you have a new white board or are giving an older board a makeover, spray paint is an easy and fun way to add a personalized touch. In this video, Holly pulls bamboo and palm leaves from her backyard in Costa Rica and demonstrates how to use them as stencils. You don't need a lush tropica...