We don't believe in just facilitating a "surf experience" where the focus is just on getting you to stand up, claim it, get the photo, and cross it off your bucket list. Maybe you've even taken a lesson like that. It might have been a nice little taste of the feel of surfing. If you're here, you want to move past that and actually learn the skills that will establish a strong foundation so you can move to the next steps, progress, and even aim for mastery. In this section you'll find the tips, tools, and support you need to build that foundation to support a lifelong lifestyle as a surfer.

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  • Pop Up Strengthening With Reesie

    Reesie takes you through a 15-minute series of stretches and exercises to get you fortified for the surf. This is a great video if you can't surf consistently but want to stay paddle-ready. Looking for music to play along to this video? Here's our suggestion, curated by Reesie, https://open.sp...

  • The Coco Chanel Paddle

    The Coco Chanel paddle focuses on maximizing the efficiency of each stroke to save your shoulders and ensure long sessions. Holly talks through some helpful tips to paddle strong while saving your shoulders.

  • How to Catch Whitewash Waves

    The best case scenario is that you have a coach or instructor support you as you are first starting out. In the case that's not accessible or you have already done that and want to venture out on your own, this tutorial will help you know what to look for and some tips for catching and riding bro...

  • How to Turtle Roll

  • How To Avoid the Nosedive

    Dealing with nosediving is a part of learning to surf. When you are first learning to ride green waves, you will experience nosedives often. We've all been there, but you don't have to stay there. Pay attention to these tips on how to avoid them in a few different situations.

  • When You Don't Want the Wave : The Whoa Horsey

    What do you do when you're paddling for a wave and for one reason or another, decide you don't want it? Enter the Whoa Horsey move. Click to learn more.

  • Foundations Bottom Turn

    Any turn at the bottom of the wave is technically a "bottom turn". When you're just starting out, the bottom turn is used to start going down the line. Holly explains how to start doing bottom turns both frontside and backside.

  • The Easiest Way To Stay Safe And Improve Your Surfing : Kickout With Control

    Kicking out with control of your board is the easiest way to keep yourself and others safe. It also has the added benefit of protecting your equipment and making you look like you know what you're doing. In this video Holly shares how and why to kickout with control.

  • Should You Learn On A Soft-top?

    Most surf lessons happen on soft-tops. Does that mean they are best for learning? Answers here!

  • How To Go Faster By Shifting Weight

    The surfboard has a gas pedal and also a braking mechanism. In this video Holly explains the best way to apply the gas so you can ride the wave longer.

  • How To Control Your Surfboard

    If you're wondering how to turn your surfboard, this short video explains the basic principles.

  • Is It Ok To Grab Your Rails On A Take-off?

    This is a contentious subject among surf coaches and you'll hear passionate defenses on both sides. Holly weighs in on the topic of grabbing your rails as you're taking off. You be the judge!

  • Do Your First Cutback

    If you've progressed to riding down the line on an open face, the first turn to learn how to do is the cutback. This video breaks down the beginning steps to perform your first cutback or trouble shoot how to improve your cutback. If you are still working on riding whitewater waves, you can start...

  • Introduction To The Parts Of A Surfboard

    Xiquiu explains the different parts of a surfboard. If you have never surfed before or maybe took a lesson on a foam board that was just focused on getting you standing up, this is an important video to watch to build your foundational knowledge of surfing.

  • How to Wrap Your Leash and Carry Your Board Like a Pro

    Marin and Anne demonstrate a new technique for how to wrap your leash around the tail of your board. I bet you haven't seen this method! They also discuss a few different techniques for carrying your board even if it's too wide to fit under your arm.

  • Being Kind to Yourself and Other Tips for First Timers

    Xiquiu has been a surf instructor at Surf With Amigas for years. This is an excerpt from her beginner lesson where she talks about the best mindset to have when starting out in surfing, as well as a few other helpful tips to set you up for success.