Next Steps

Next Steps

If you identify as an "advanced beginner" you already know the basics of how to stand up in the whitewash and maybe even on an unbroken wave, but you're working on refining those skills. You're working on becoming more proficient riding down the line on an unbroken wave, starting to do turns like cutbacks and bottom turns, and generally feeling more comfortable in the lineup. This collection of videos will help you in achieving those goals.

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Next Steps
  • How To Generate Speed On A Longboard

    In this video Surf Coach Christine walks us through:
    - The importance of having control over your speed while surfing
    - How to generate that speed on a longboard
    - When to speed up and slow down

    She discusses indicators of closeouts, how to get around sections, and the importance of engaging y...

  • When You Don't Want the Wave : The Whoa Horsey

    What do you do when you're paddling for a wave and for one reason or another, decide you don't want it? Enter the Whoa Horsey move. Click to learn more.

  • How to Take Off at an Angle

    If you are now able to take off on a green wave but find yourself stuck at the bottom or not making sections, this video will take you through how to take off at an angle.

  • How To Avoid the Nosedive

    Dealing with nosediving is a part of learning to surf. When you are first learning to ride green waves, you will experience nosedives often. We've all been there, but you don't have to stay there. Pay attention to these tips on how to avoid them in a few different situations.

  • How To Go Faster By Shifting Weight

    The surfboard has a gas pedal and also a braking mechanism. In this video Holly explains the best way to apply the gas so you can ride the wave longer.

  • Next Steps Bottom Turn

    Everything you need to know about how to do a bottom turn from a Next Steps perspective.

  • Do Your First Cutback

    If you've progressed to riding down the line on an open face, the first turn to learn how to do is the cutback. This video breaks down the beginning steps to perform your first cutback or trouble shoot how to improve your cutback. If you are still working on riding whitewater waves, you can start...

  • How To Control Your Surfboard

    If you're wondering how to turn your surfboard, this short video explains the basic principles.

  • The Easiest Way To Stay Safe And Improve Your Surfing : Kickout With Control

    Kicking out with control of your board is the easiest way to keep yourself and others safe. It also has the added benefit of protecting your equipment and making you look like you know what you're doing. In this video Holly shares how and why to kickout with control.

  • Is It Ok To Grab Your Rails On A Take-off?

    This is a contentious subject among surf coaches and you'll hear passionate defenses on both sides. Holly weighs in on the topic of grabbing your rails as you're taking off. You be the judge!

  • How To Buy Your First Surfboard

    Approaching a surf shop as a beginner can be intimidating. Megan managed a surf shop for many years and talks us through the best questions to ask and things to know when buying your first longboard.

  • The Secret to Reading Waves

    You can practice your popups and study maneuvers, but until you can understand where to paddle for the wave, which wave to choose, and what that wave is going to do, your progression is limited. This video will introduce the concepts needed to begin understanding how to read waves. Spoiler alert:...

  • Size Matters : Bigger Surfboards Might Be Better

    Do you think shortboards are the coolest boards out there? If so and your goal is go as short as possible, let's discuss why that is, why you might want to reconsider, and how to step down slowly if that's your goal.

  • Log vs. High Performance : The Difference Between Longboards

    Holly and Christy compare two longboards and point out the features and design aspects that are different between them. If you've wondered what makes a longboard a log, or if that's what you should be riding, this is a good place to get those questions answered.

  • Longboard Fins : Single Fin Vs. Side Bites

    Christy Carr is an amazing human and shaper that is super knowledgeable about surfboards. She and Holly discuss the differences in feel and performance between a longboard with a single fin vs. one with side bites.