Surfing involves the potential for never-ending progression. A lifetime of dedication still won't ensure mastery. There are always new things to learn, new waves to ride, and new ways to ride them. This section is for those that consider themselves to be at an advanced-level. You'll find tube riding, nose riding, finless boards, and advanced maneuvers.

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  • How To Hang 5

    In this video we break down how to hang 5, define lift and hold and how they are related, discus the different parts of a longboard that are important for nose riding, and give tips and tricks on how to improve your nose riding in and out of the water.
    If you haven't watched our Introduction To ...

  • How To Ride Out of Shortboard Turns

    Every element is essential, but the biggest piece of advice for shortboarders wanting to figure out how to land turns is covered by this video by Holly.

  • Where Should Your Back Foot Be on A Shortboard?

    Foot placement is key on all surfboards, but the shorter the board, the more crucial. Holly explains where you should have your back foot for maximum control when doing turns on a shortboard.

  • Tube Riding Troubleshoot

    Tube riding is probably one of the most sought after goals in surfing. It's not easy but it's oh-so-worth-it. After wrapping up an advanced tube riding retreat in Nicaragua, Holly talks through common mistakes people make when trying to get tubed and some suggestions on how to better train at hom...

  • How to Take Off Frontside for Steep Hollow Waves

    Getting tubed typically requires you to take off steep and deep. You want to be able to pop up quickly, set your rail, and keep yourself in the center of the wave for best results. This video talks you through the techniques you'll need to achieve that and then shows some troubleshooting videos a...

  • How to Cross-Step Redirect on a Longboard

    Shelly is one of our favorite surf instructors. She hails from the gorgeous right point breaks of the Sunshine Coast, Australia where she picked up a relaxed, cruisey style. We asked her to explain how she does one of her signature moves and she was happy to talk us through the cross-step re-dire...

  • How to "Pig Dog"

    In this short video you'll learn the techniques for how to get barreled backside with Holly Beck.

  • What is a Step-up?

    Holly explains the differences between a step-up, a standard shortboard, and a step-down, when and why you might want to ride each one.

  • Fast and Weird : The Mini Simmons

    Holly and Christy break down one of the most unusual boards in the quiver : the mini simmons. It goes fast and looks weird, but why else might you want to add one of these to your quiver? We'll answer in the video.

  • Shortboards : Exploring the Differences Between Them

    Holly and Christie compare three different shortboards, discussing the subtle design feature adjustments that will lead to different sensations for the surfer.

  • High Performance Shortboard : Why Should You Use a Traction Pad?

    There's a lot more that could be included in this discussion, but for now let's talk about the basics of why people put traction pads on their high performance shortboards.

  • Finless Surfing and Why It's Good for You

    So you want to challenge yourself? Try a finless surfboard! Holly introduces her finless quiver, the differences between them and why learning to surf a finless board will help you improve your full rail turns and cutbacks.