You know how to surf. You can paddle out into a lineup, find your spot, wait for your wave, choose it, take off and ride it. You're working on maneuvers like cross-stepping, hang fives, cutbacks, deeper bottom turns, and starting to hit the lip.

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  • What Do I Do With My Arms? Longboard Edition

    In this video, Holly walks us through what we should (and should not) be doing with our arms when riding a longboard. She discusses how arms can be used for balance, making maneuvers easier, and of course, self-expression!

  • How to Cheater 5

    The cheater 5 can be a super cool stylish maneuver for advanced longboarders, a silly move for shortboarders and midlendthers, or a transition to learning how to hang 5 for progressing longboarders. In whichever category you find yourself, if you've wondered about the cheater 5, here's some info.

  • Where Should Your Back Foot Be on A Shortboard?

    Foot placement is key on all surfboards, but the shorter the board, the more crucial. Holly explains where you should have your back foot for maximum control when doing turns on a shortboard.

  • Turn Down Troubleshoot

    It turning, it typically seems easier to get up to the top of the wave than back down again. Holly offers some troubleshooting tips for completing the all-important second half of a top turn that can be used on a shortboard, fish, midlength, or longer board.

  • More About Midlengths With Anne

    Anne loves midlengths and wants to tell you all about why. She discusses a few different midlengths, when she chooses to ride them, and includes some tips on how to get through sections, do a cutback, and paddle out.

  • The Easiest Way To Stay Safe And Improve Your Surfing : Kickout With Control

    Kicking out with control of your board is the easiest way to keep yourself and others safe. It also has the added benefit of protecting your equipment and making you look like you know what you're doing. In this video Holly shares how and why to kickout with control.

  • Is It Ok To Grab Your Rails On A Take-off?

    This is a contentious subject among surf coaches and you'll hear passionate defenses on both sides. Holly weighs in on the topic of grabbing your rails as you're taking off. You be the judge!

  • How to Generate Speed

    Until you learn how to generate your own speed you are at the mercy of wave quality. Learn how to find speed even in soft mushy waves and your surfing will go to the next level and you'll be ready to start doing bigger better turns. Holly explains how to pump your surfboard to generate speed whic...

  • Introduction to Cross-Stepping

    The cross-step is the fastest, easiest, most functional (and cutest) way to move around on your longboard. Whether you want to step back to turn, move forward to make a section, or go for the nose ride, the cross-step will get you there. Anne explains how to start practicing both in the water and...

  • How to Fade the Takeoff

    When taking off on a wave on a shortboard, you need to be right at the peak. On a longboard, you can get away with taking off further on the shoulder, but you might actually want to be closer to the breaking part of the wave in order to have the best opportunities for speed and maneuvers. In this...

  • What is a Mid-Length and Should You Be Riding One?

    Not a longboard, not a shortboard, it's a mid-length! Holly and Christy continue the discussion about surfboards, this time focusing on mid-lengths. What are they, how do they surf, what are the different fin setups? Which one would you choose?

  • Log vs. High Performance : The Difference Between Longboards

    Holly and Christy compare two longboards and point out the features and design aspects that are different between them. If you've wondered what makes a longboard a log, or if that's what you should be riding, this is a good place to get those questions answered.

  • How to Insert and Remove Shortboard Fins

    If you ride a shortboard and have removable fins, this video will show you how to insert and remove them.

  • How to Size and Place Longboard Fins

    If you are a longboarder and wondering about the appropriate size and placement for your longboard fin, watch Holly and Christy discuss the options and rules of thumb.

  • How Does a Surfboard Work and What Should You Ride?

    Ever wondered how a surfboard works? There are so many little details like bottom contour, rail shape, tail design, materials, size, volume, etc. They all work together and can be very confusing. If you're wondering about any of those things including how to choose the right board for you, this i...

  • What is a Fish and When Should You Ride One

    What defines a fish, how do they work, when might you want to ride one, and other related questions are answered here.