All about Surfboards

All about Surfboards

We love surfboards. They are the craft that allow us to glide, slide, shred, play, and express ourselves while riding waves. This section is dedicated to all things surfboards, fins, and other related equipment.

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All about Surfboards
  • More About Midlengths With Anne

    Anne loves midlengths and wants to tell you all about why. She discusses a few different midlengths, when she chooses to ride them, and includes some tips on how to get through sections, do a cutback, and paddle out.

  • How To Buy Your First Surfboard

    Approaching a surf shop as a beginner can be intimidating. Megan managed a surf shop for many years and talks us through the best questions to ask and things to know when buying your first longboard.

  • Introduction To The Parts Of A Surfboard

    Xiquiu explains the different parts of a surfboard. If you have never surfed before or maybe took a lesson on a foam board that was just focused on getting you standing up, this is an important video to watch to build your foundational knowledge of surfing.

  • How to Wrap Your Leash and Carry Your Board Like a Pro

    Marin and Anne demonstrate a new technique for how to wrap your leash around the tail of your board. I bet you haven't seen this method! They also discuss a few different techniques for carrying your board even if it's too wide to fit under your arm.

  • Log vs. High Performance : The Difference Between Longboards

    Holly and Christy compare two longboards and point out the features and design aspects that are different between them. If you've wondered what makes a longboard a log, or if that's what you should be riding, this is a good place to get those questions answered.

  • High Performance Shortboard : Why Should You Use a Traction Pad?

    There's a lot more that could be included in this discussion, but for now let's talk about the basics of why people put traction pads on their high performance shortboards.

  • How to Insert and Remove Shortboard Fins

    If you ride a shortboard and have removable fins, this video will show you how to insert and remove them.

  • All About Surfboard Fins Lecture

    Surfboard fins are super important and also very complicated. Holly breaks down the science and a bit of history around surfboard fins to help you make smart choices around what to use on your board.

  • How Does a Surfboard Work and What Should You Ride?

    Ever wondered how a surfboard works? There are so many little details like bottom contour, rail shape, tail design, materials, size, volume, etc. They all work together and can be very confusing. If you're wondering about any of those things including how to choose the right board for you, this i...

  • What is a Mid-Length and Should You Be Riding One?

    Not a longboard, not a shortboard, it's a mid-length! Holly and Christy continue the discussion about surfboards, this time focusing on mid-lengths. What are they, how do they surf, what are the different fin setups? Which one would you choose?

  • Size Matters : Bigger Surfboards Might Be Better

    Do you think shortboards are the coolest boards out there? If so and your goal is go as short as possible, let's discuss why that is, why you might want to reconsider, and how to step down slowly if that's your goal.

  • Longboard Fins : Single Fin Vs. Side Bites

    Christy Carr is an amazing human and shaper that is super knowledgeable about surfboards. She and Holly discuss the differences in feel and performance between a longboard with a single fin vs. one with side bites.

  • Shortboards : Exploring the Differences Between Them

    Holly and Christie compare three different shortboards, discussing the subtle design feature adjustments that will lead to different sensations for the surfer.

  • What is a Fish and When Should You Ride One

    What defines a fish, how do they work, when might you want to ride one, and other related questions are answered here.

  • Surfboard Volume : The 4th Dimension

    Holly and Christie break down the important 4th dimension of surfboard measurements - volume. Knowing the volume that works best for you is super useful when comparing boards or ordering a new board.

  • Fast and Weird : The Mini Simmons

    Holly and Christy break down one of the most unusual boards in the quiver : the mini simmons. It goes fast and looks weird, but why else might you want to add one of these to your quiver? We'll answer in the video.

  • How to Size and Place Longboard Fins

    If you are a longboarder and wondering about the appropriate size and placement for your longboard fin, watch Holly and Christy discuss the options and rules of thumb.