Relax + Restore

Relax + Restore

Slow down, rest, refresh. These videos are slow paced and restorative to help your body recover after activity or just to do when you're feeling low energy but want to connect with your physical self.

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Relax + Restore
  • Yoga to Prepare for Doing Something Scary With Reesie

    This short sequence is meant to really ground you in your body so you feel centered and powerful to take on anything!

  • Yoga To Calm Your Nervous System With Reesie

    This little gem is designed to get you out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. You're gonna want a bolster and a block for these restorative yoga postures.
    If you're looking for calming music to accompany this class, here's what Reesie cooked up for you on Spotify!

  • Calming Yoga for After You’ve Done Something Scary

    After pushing your limits and trying something you find intimidating, your body is often left running high, adrenals racing, and pulse quick. Want to take a beat to process and calm yourself after the excitement? This yin yoga class is just the thing.
    If you want some relaxing music to go wit...

  • Guide to Thrive Week 2: Yoga With Reesie to Set Healthy Goals

    This user-friendly, 10-minute class will make you feel nice and warmed up while also reminding you what the point of yoga is. Reesie shares her ideas on what great goals are in a yoga class and the ideal frame of mind to approach your yoga.

  • Guide to Thrive Week 1: Owning Your Awesomeness Yoga with Reesie

    This 10-minute class is all about appreciating yourself and your accomplishments. It's as much a relaxation of the emotional body as it is for the physical.

  • Rest and Digest with Reesie

    This mix of Feldenkrais, yoga, and pilates will slow and soften your body.
    It will activate your parasympathetic, (rest and digest), nervous system leaving you feeling more embodied and restored.
    Looking for music to accompany your practice? Try this!

  • Spinal Block Tour with Reesie

    Grab your block folks because we're gonna unwind with a three-stop tour up our spines to rejuvenate our rocking bodies. It's slow, mellow, and restorative. Looking for the perfect music to listen to while doing this class? Look no further! Follow this link to enjoy a playlist curated for this e...

  • Full Body Stretch Tour With Reesie

    In this class, we'll get to stretch every part of the body. By yin yoga standards it moves quickly but there are still some slow, quiet moments to help calm your nervous system. Here's a Spotify playlist Reesie recommends to accompany class!

  • 7 Mins of Stretches for the Arms and Shoulders

    Reset your upper body with Cherise Richards. Great for either pre or post surf as it targets muscles utilized while out in the water.

  • Sleepy Time Tea-Sleepy Time Yoga

    Looking for music to pair with this relaxing flow? Look no further:
    we suggest turning your Spotify a little over half volume for maximum viewing pleasure.

  • The 4 Best Stretches for Surfers

    These four poses target the chain of muscles down the back, the front of the shoulder and pectoralis, the ankles knees and hips, as well as the neck. Do these to stay healthy and spry.