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  • Yoga to Prepare for Doing Something Scary With Reesie

    This short sequence is meant to really ground you in your body so you feel centered and powerful to take on anything!

  • The Day Of The Big Swell

    Delia goes through her routine the day of a big swell and give tips to set yourself up for success on a big day.

  • Growing From Fear

    Former pro surfer and surf therapist Holly Beck, talks about the three experiential zones in surfing and guides us through a meditation to help us identify how fear shows up for us, some of the specific triggers, and how to find acceptance and growth.

  • A Surf Therapist's Perspective on Managing Fear

    Natalie weighs in on the topic of fear. She explains why fear can be good, how fear stuck in our bodies becomes toxic, and practical tips to release fear either before paddling out or while in the lineup.

  • What is a Step-up?

    Holly explains the differences between a step-up, a standard shortboard, and a step-down, when and why you might want to ride each one.

  • Guide to Thrive Week 4: Yoga With Reesie to Play

    This mini-class has unexpected and playful movements to help us feel good in our bodies while not taking ourselves too seriously.

  • Guide To Thrive Week 4: Rediscovering Play Through Movement

    Rediscover play with Chris in this dance inspired movement class.

  • Guide To Thrive Week 4: Rediscovering Play

    As our final workshop in the Guide To Thrive Series Holly guides us through an inner child meditation to help us to reconnect with the feeling of play. Rediscover play just for the sake of play with us!

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  • Hoopes Health Module 3: The Truth Behind Your Sugar Craving

    Where do sugar cravings really come from? And what are they at a biochemical level? Watch this video to find out what a sugar craving really is and unlock your metabolic health with nutritionist Lisa Hoopes.

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  • Guide To Thrive Week 3: Understanding And Embracing Your Fears

    This week we discuss fear, shedding light on the space where we hold our fears and accepting fear as a part of being human. Join us in exploring, understanding, and embracing fear .

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  • Guide To Thrive Week 3: Foundation Training For Embracing Your Fears

    Open your mid back and gain confidence to face your fears in the water with Gabrielle in this Foundation Training Class.

  • Guide To Thrive Week 3: Understanding And Embracing Your Fears Yoga With Reesie

    This class is purposefully more active and difficult to allow you to watch what comes up in your thoughts and feelings when faced with something you might not feel good at. At just over 10 minutes, its short but also fun!

  • Guide To Thrive Week 2: Pilates For Claiming Your Goals

    Gabrielle takes us through a Pilates class to get your muscles burning and to get you focusing on claiming your goals.

  • Guide to Thrive Week 2: Yoga With Reesie to Set Healthy Goals

    This user-friendly, 10-minute class will make you feel nice and warmed up while also reminding you what the point of yoga is. Reesie shares her ideas on what great goals are in a yoga class and the ideal frame of mind to approach your yoga.

  • Guide To Thrive Week 2: Setting Healthy Goals To Claim Your Dreams

    Holly walks us through the steps of healthy goal setting in surfing and in life.

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  • Next Steps Bottom Turn

    Everything you need to know about how to do a bottom turn from a Next Steps perspective.

  • Foundations Bottom Turn

    Any turn at the bottom of the wave is technically a "bottom turn". When you're just starting out, the bottom turn is used to start going down the line. Holly explains how to start doing bottom turns both frontside and backside.

  • Guide to Thrive Week 1: Owning Your Awesomeness Yoga with Reesie

    This 10-minute class is all about appreciating yourself and your accomplishments. It's as much a relaxation of the emotional body as it is for the physical.

  • Guide To Thrive Week 1: Foundation Training For Owning Your Awesomeness

  • Guide To Thrive Week 1: Own Your Awesomeness

    Holly leads us through a journaling exercise to acknowledge our past accomplishments, practice positive self talk and celebrate where we are now. You are awesome. Own it!

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  • Homemade Nut Butter Cups Recipe

    2 items

    We hope you enjoy these delicious chocolaty treats!
    Follow along with Gabrielle as she makes Chocolate Nut Butter Cups
    Downloadable recipe available

  • Surf Trip Ready Foundation Training Week 6

    Top off your surf retreat ready series with two of our favorite Foundation Training Exercises: Woodpecker Rotation and Forward Fold. Woodpecker Rotation teaches you to move and generate power from the hips rather than from the spine, which is exactly what you need when you are making your turns....

  • Surf Trip Ready Pilates 6

    The final Pilates mat inspired class of the series will leave you with all the good feels. With the use of hand weights and disc sliders, you are guaranteed to feel this workout for a few days. Equipment needed: 2-5lb weights and disc sliders (or towels for your feet).

  • Surf Trip Ready HIPS Week 6

    Burn baby burn. If you have been waiting for the most challenging workout of the series, this one's for you. We saved the best for last! Cardio, core, Foundation Training, and stretch in this 40 minute workout. Equipment needed: 2-5lb weights and disc sliders (or towels for your feet).