Facing Fear

Facing Fear

Having fear is normal, but having the tools you need to build confidence in the ocean can be game changing. Crafted by surfers + water women with years of experience, the videos in this mini series will act as a comprehensive guide to help you build confidence in bigger waves and learn practical tools to overcome your ocean fears.

Featuring professional big wave surfer Delia Bense-Kang, former professional surfer + surf therapist Holly Beck, surf therapist Natalie Small, free diving specialist Morgan Hoesterey, and yin yoga/movement instructor Cherise Richards.

Join us on February 24th 1pm PST for our first ever live workshop on facing fear: https://collective.surfwithamigas.com/products/live-fear-workshop-with-holly/

“Charge into every surf session with the tools you need to feel your best, most confident self.”

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Facing Fear
  • Welcome To Facing Fear February

  • A Surf Therapist's Perspective on Managing Fear

    Natalie weighs in on the topic of fear. She explains why fear can be good, how fear stuck in our bodies becomes toxic, and practical tips to release fear either before paddling out or while in the lineup.

  • Growing From Fear

    Former pro surfer and surf therapist Holly Beck, talks about the three experiential zones in surfing and guides us through a meditation to help us identify how fear shows up for us, some of the specific triggers, and how to find acceptance and growth.

  • Introduction To Big Wave Surfing With Delia

    Big wave surfer Delia Bense-Kang introduces her video series on big wave surfing.

  • Preparation And Training For Big Waves

    Delia tells us how she trains and prepares for pushing herself in bigger waves, discusses risk assessment and explains what gear she uses for big waves.

  • What is a Step-up?

    Holly explains the differences between a step-up, a standard shortboard, and a step-down, when and why you might want to ride each one.

  • Visualization And Wellness

    Delia goes through a visualization exercise she uses to prepare for a big day of swell.

  • The Day Of The Big Swell

    Delia goes through her routine the day of a big swell and give tips to set yourself up for success on a big day.

  • Introduction To Breath Holding Techniques

    Morgan gives us tips and techniques to increase our breath hold so we can feel more comfortable with wipeouts and hold downs and gain confidence in our ability to handle any underwater situation.

  • 2 Drills To Increase Your Breath Hold

    Morgan goes through two drills that will help you to increase your breath hold time and help you to feel more confident and comfortable in the ocean.

  • Yoga to Prepare for Doing Something Scary With Reesie

    This short sequence is meant to really ground you in your body so you feel centered and powerful to take on anything!

  • Yoga To Calm Your Nervous System With Reesie

    This little gem is designed to get you out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. You're gonna want a bolster and a block for these restorative yoga postures.
    If you're looking for calming music to accompany this class, here's what Reesie cooked up for you on Spotify!

  • Calming Yoga for After You’ve Done Something Scary

    After pushing your limits and trying something you find intimidating, your body is often left running high, adrenals racing, and pulse quick. Want to take a beat to process and calm yourself after the excitement? This yin yoga class is just the thing.
    If you want some relaxing music to go wit...

  • Jaws (Pe’ahi) Strike Mission

    Big Wave Babes, Delia Bense-Kang and Polly Ralda, charge a swell at Jaws where Delia accomplishes her long term goal of catching a wave there.
    Check out more from Big Wave Babes here: https://www.bigwavebabes.com/

  • Surf Stories of Fear and Survival - With Holly Beck

    As a pro surfer Holly Beck sometimes found herself in places she didn't want to be, like in very big waves without a support system. She shares each story in turn, adding what she learned from each.