Warming up

Warming up

Good morning, or good afternoon, or get ready to go surfing, or just get a little bit of blood flowing before you start your day.

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Warming up
  • Foundations Warm Up 2 With Gabrielle

    Use this pre-surf warm up to get your body ready for an epic session and to reduce risk of injury.

  • Brighten Your Core with Reesie

    This sequence is intended to wake up your abs and pelvic floor/funnel muscles.

  • Foundations Warm Up 1 With Gabrielle

    Just like any other sport, taking just a few minutes to prime your body for movement is key to performance and injury prevention. How many surfers do you know with shoulder, back, knee, or neck pain? Warming up with Foundation Training on the beach while checking the surf is simple and can take ...

  • Pop Up Strengthening With Reesie

    Reesie takes you through a 15-minute series of stretches and exercises to get you fortified for the surf. This is a great video if you can't surf consistently but want to stay paddle-ready. Looking for music to play along to this video? Here's our suggestion, curated by Reesie, https://open.sp...

  • The 4 Best Stretches for Surfers

    These four poses target the chain of muscles down the back, the front of the shoulder and pectoralis, the ankles knees and hips, as well as the neck. Do these to stay healthy and spry.

  • 20 Min. Rise and Shine Yoga

    This sequence starts gently on the floor and builds to standing. It aims to hit every part of your body so that by then end you will feel invigorated and fluid. Listen along with this playlist specially made for you to start your day: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/6DsFkAH3CSKrgfWRXzMN1V?si=M...