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  • Facing Fear

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    Having fear is normal, but having the tools you need to build confidence in the ocean can be game changing.

    Crafted by surfers + water women with years of experience, the videos in this series will act as a comprehensive guide to help you build confidence in bigger waves and learn practical too...

  • Guide To Thrive

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    Challenge starts January 1

    A 4-week mind-body journey to explore how to celebrate your accomplishments, set healthy goals, overcome your fears, and step into what really serves YOU.

    Each week of January will have a theme and will include a:
    ❋ Workshop with a meditation, journal prompt and/or ...

  • Surf Trip Ready Series

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    Embark on a 6-week Pilates-inspired journey crafted to prepare you for an upcoming surf retreat. This series incorporates Pilates matwork to enhance core strength, Foundation Training for stability, and HIPS (High Intensity Pilates for Surfers) for increased power. By following this program, you'...

  • All About Surfboards

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    This multipart course takes a deep dive into all things surfboards from exploring fin design to discussing board size to analyzing board shape and function we have got it covered.

    Already a member? All of these videos and more come with your membership checkout our All About Surfboards section ...