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  • A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy

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    In our series, A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy, we explore our relationship with the ocean, realizing how developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of it not only helps protect a space we all enjoy and love but also makes us better surfers.

    Through this 9-part series we will be discu...

  • Facing Fear

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    Having fear is normal, but having the tools you need to build confidence in the ocean can be game changing.

    Crafted by surfers + water women with years of experience, the videos in this series will act as a comprehensive guide to help you build confidence in bigger waves and learn practical too...

  • Guide To Thrive

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    Challenge starts January 1

    A 4-week mind-body journey to explore how to celebrate your accomplishments, set healthy goals, overcome your fears, and step into what really serves YOU.

    Each week of January will have a theme and will include a:
    ❋ Workshop with a meditation, journal prompt and/or ...

  • Surf Trip Ready Series

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    Embark on a 6-week Pilates-inspired journey crafted to prepare you for an upcoming surf retreat. This series incorporates Pilates matwork to enhance cor...

  • All About Surfboards

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    This multipart course takes a deep dive into all things surfboards from exploring fin design to discussing board size to analyzing board shape and function we have got it covered.

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