4-Week Summer Surf Challenge

4-Week Summer Surf Challenge

STARTING JUNE 24TH (make sure to make a copy of the interactive journal)

We are taking our favorite videos from all over The Collective to create a 28 day holistic surf guide to get you ready for summer. Our goal is to provide you with a set of tools that can help you make the most of your summer and beyond.

This 4-Week Collective Challenge includes:
- Daily activities such as workouts, yoga classes, important technical surf information, journal prompts, meditations and more all aimed at getting you in surf shape physically and mentally
- An interactive journal to keep track of your progress and write your journal entries
- A live community event with the other participants and Holly
- Community group chat for challenge updates, encouragement, and community

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- Interactive Journal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NGPQz7ntMEKtDfaKsYok8Vo2WSuDrmSW7V5VZGNuTMQ/edit?usp=sharing
- Community Chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CGScAcqmIqiIrO3HG0GUcw

4-Week Summer Surf Challenge
  • Shooting Star Yoga Workout with Amy

    Amy Khoo is an amazing human who has been living in jungle for 30 years. She is 52 years old and stays fit by eating healthy, spending a ton of time in the ocean, and offering yoga-inspired workouts at her Shooting Star studio. Here she leads us through a 30 min flow that will get you sweating fo...

  • The Intentional Surf Practice : The Surf Journal

    Natalie introduces the benefits of a surf journal for facilitating the creation or enhancement of an intentional surf practice. She introduces the concept as well as some helpful journal prompts for checking in with the surf conditions as well as your internal mental, emotional, and physical stat...

  • Surf Trip Ready Pilates Week 1

    This week you will experience an essential level Pilates matwork class with STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Gabrielle Cahoon that will introduce you to core strength and stability. These base level exercises set the foundation for all Pilates exercises going forward. Equipment needed: mat and a...

  • Sleepy Time Tea-Sleepy Time Yoga

    Looking for music to pair with this relaxing flow? Look no further: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7ixrmPZeetoZm7uNGQYJrI?si=e792289d77354887
    we suggest turning your Spotify a little over half volume for maximum viewing pleasure.

  • Surf Trip Ready Foundation Training Week 1

    Welcome to your first Foundation Training workout with certified Level 2 Foundation Training Instructor, Gabrielle Cahoon. In this video you will discover the power of decompression breathing with two exercises: Supine Decompression (lying on your back) and Prone Decompression (lying on your bell...

  • Miracle Surfer Meditation - What Brings You The Most Joy in Surfing

    A lot of our goals in surfing are influenced by what see on social media, in images or videos of our favorite surfers, or what we think we should be striving towards in the water. Performance is great, but really surfing is about having fun and experiencing the joy of connecting with the ocean. E...

  • Guide To Thrive Week 2: Setting Healthy Goals To Claim Your Dreams

    Holly walks us through the steps of healthy goal setting in surfing and in life.

    Watch the Miracle Surfer Meditation: https://collective.surfwithamigas.com/thrive/videos/miracle-surfer-meditation

    What is your goal this week? Share your goal with the Guide To Thrive community: https://chat.wh...

  • Surf Trip Ready HIPS Week 2

    This week's focus targets your posterior muscles. Through a combination of standing leg exercises and Pilates Matwork, your legs will feel the burn. Following the HIPS workout style, you'll go through each series of exercises three times through to really get those legs shaking.

  • The Secret to Reading Waves

    You can practice your popups and study maneuvers, but until you can understand where to paddle for the wave, which wave to choose, and what that wave is going to do, your progression is limited. This video will introduce the concepts needed to begin understanding how to read waves. Spoiler alert:...

  • Surf Trip Ready Foundation Training Week 2

    In this week's session, you'll acquire the skill of pelvis anchoring, seamlessly integrating it with decompression breathing through two fresh exercises: Anchored Bridge and Anchored Back Extension. The pelvis anchoring, facilitated by muscular contractions from the pelvis downward, provides a st...

  • Guide to Thrive Week 4: Yoga With Reesie to Play

    This mini-class has unexpected and playful movements to help us feel good in our bodies while not taking ourselves too seriously.

  • A Surf Therapist's Perspective on Managing Fear

    Natalie weighs in on the topic of fear. She explains why fear can be good, how fear stuck in our bodies becomes toxic, and practical tips to release fear either before paddling out or while in the lineup.

  • Pop Up Strengthening With Reesie

    Reesie takes you through a 15-minute series of stretches and exercises to get you fortified for the surf. This is a great video if you can't surf consistently but want to stay paddle-ready. Looking for music to play along to this video? Here's our suggestion, curated by Reesie, https://open.sp...

  • Guide To Thrive Week 4: Rediscovering Play

    As our final workshop in the Guide To Thrive Series Holly guides us through an inner child meditation to help us to reconnect with the feeling of play. Rediscover play just for the sake of play with us!

    Tell us how you are adding play into your week: https://chat.whatsapp.com/DbcrQcLRGRI5r7Ao9i...

  • Surf Trip Ready HIPS Week 3

    Engage every muscle in this full-body conditioning class, featuring three rounds for each series: abdominals, glutes, arms, and legs. Enhance your workout by grabbing a set of light hand weights. All you need for this session is a mat and a pair of 2-5lb weights.

  • Surfboard Volume : The 4th Dimension

    Holly and Christie break down the important 4th dimension of surfboard measurements - volume. Knowing the volume that works best for you is super useful when comparing boards or ordering a new board.

  • How Does a Surfboard Work and What Should You Ride?

    Ever wondered how a surfboard works? There are so many little details like bottom contour, rail shape, tail design, materials, size, volume, etc. They all work together and can be very confusing. If you're wondering about any of those things including how to choose the right board for you, this i...

  • Full Body Tone and Stretch with Amy

    Amy Khoo is an amazing human who has been living in jungle for 30 years. She is 52 years old and stays fit by eating healthy, spending a ton of time in the ocean, and offering yoga-inspired workouts at her Shooting Star studio. Here she leads us through a 30 min flow that will get you sweating fo...

  • Log vs. High Performance : The Difference Between Longboards

    Holly and Christy compare two longboards and point out the features and design aspects that are different between them. If you've wondered what makes a longboard a log, or if that's what you should be riding, this is a good place to get those questions answered.

  • Rest and Digest with Reesie

    This mix of Feldenkrais, yoga, and pilates will slow and soften your body.
    It will activate your parasympathetic, (rest and digest), nervous system leaving you feeling more embodied and restored.
    Looking for music to accompany your practice? Try this! https://open.spotify.com/episode/69gBQiKaS...

  • More About Midlengths With Anne

    Anne loves midlengths and wants to tell you all about why. She discusses a few different midlengths, when she chooses to ride them, and includes some tips on how to get through sections, do a cutback, and paddle out.

  • Surf Trip Ready Foundation Training Week 3

    Building upon exercises you have learned so far, this week we dive into two new ones to help you deepen your abdominal activation: Internal Leg Trace and the 8 Point Plank.

  • Shortboards : Exploring the Differences Between Them

    Holly and Christie compare three different shortboards, discussing the subtle design feature adjustments that will lead to different sensations for the surfer.

  • All About Surfboard Fins Lecture

    Surfboard fins are super important and also very complicated. Holly breaks down the science and a bit of history around surfboard fins to help you make smart choices around what to use on your board.

  • Surf Trip Ready Pilates Week 4

    This week, we revisit many of the exercises you've previously learned, focusing on building strength and endurance on the mat. Integrating disc sliders into today's session will contribute to hip flexibility crucial for your pop-up and enhance the endurance necessary for an enjoyable day in the w...

  • 2 Drills To Increase Your Breath Hold

    Morgan goes through two drills that will help you to increase your breath hold time and help you to feel more confident and comfortable in the ocean.

  • Introduction To Breath Holding Techniques

    Morgan gives us tips and techniques to increase our breath hold so we can feel more comfortable with wipeouts and hold downs and gain confidence in our ability to handle any underwater situation.

  • Surf Trip Ready HIPS Week 4

    Embark on a thirty-minute, full-body workout that can leave you burning from head to toe, with the optional use of disc sliders. Beginning with a comprehensive warm-up, advancing through three rounds of a sequence of exercises, and concluding with an additional core section, this workout might be...

  • Yoga To Calm Your Nervous System With Reesie

    This little gem is designed to get you out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. You're gonna want a bolster and a block for these restorative yoga postures.
    If you're looking for calming music to accompany this class, here's what Reesie cooked up for you on Spotify!

  • 3 Healthy Ways to Release Anger

    Anger is normal, but if kept buried in our bodies it can lead to negative health effects. It is essential for long term health to express anger and clear it from our bodies. Lara talks us through three ways to safely express anger to be able to show up as our highest healthiest selves.

  • Surf Trip Ready Foundation Training Week 4

    Today, we transition from the mat to an upright position to discover the art of pulling ourselves against gravity's forces with two exercises: Standing Decompression and Lunge Decompression.

  • Growing From Fear

    Former pro surfer and surf therapist Holly Beck, talks about the three experiential zones in surfing and guides us through a meditation to help us identify how fear shows up for us, some of the specific triggers, and how to find acceptance and growth.