Move with Amigas

Move with Amigas

Whether you're into slow sleepy yin yoga with a sense of humor, or super high intensity HIIT workouts for the sweat and burn, this is the place for all of it. Give your body what it needs, what it wants, or try out a variety of things to find what feels best. There are a variety of moods, sweat levels, and different practitioners and we'll be constantly adding more. Get in shape for your trip, warmed up for your session, or stretch out after a week of non-stop paddling with these classes.

Move with Amigas
  • Surf Trip Ready Series

    19 items

    Embark on a 6-week Pilates-inspired journey crafted to prepare you for an upcoming surf retreat. This series incorporates Pilates matwork to enhance core strength, Foundation Training for stability, and HIPS (High Intensity Pilates for Surfers) for increased power. By following this program, you'...

  • Relax + Restore

    11 items

    Slow down, rest, refresh. These videos are slow paced and restorative to help your body recover after activity or just to do when you're feeling low energy but want to connect with your physical self.

  • Warming up

    6 items

    Good morning, or good afternoon, or get ready to go surfing, or just get a little bit of blood flowing before you start your day.

  • Strength + Sweat

    23 items

    Let's get sweaty! Here's your place for elevated heart rates, building strength and resilience, or staying in tip top shape.

  • Meet Your Practitioners

    4 items

    Learn more about the backgrounds, philosophies and stories behind our movement practitioners.