• Zoe: A Surf Story Film Premiere and Q & A

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    Join us on Thursday, May 30th at 6:30 PM PST for live virtual premiere of a powerful film that captures the portrait of a teenage big wave surf phenom from Half Moon Bay, California, who's pooled an eclectic community of mentors to guide her while she learns the ropes of failure, fear, and self-d...

  • Yoga To Calm Your Nervous System With Reesie

    This little gem is designed to get you out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. You're gonna want a bolster and a block for these restorative yoga postures.
    If you're looking for calming music to accompany this class, here's what Reesie cooked up for you on Spotify!

  • A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy

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    In our series, A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy, we explore our relationship with the ocean, realizing how developing a deeper understanding and appreciation of it not only helps protect a space we all enjoy and love but also makes us better surfers.

    Through this 9-part series we will be discu...

  • Facing Fear

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    Having fear is normal, but having the tools you need to build confidence in the ocean can be game changing. Crafted by surfers + water women with years of experience, the videos in this mini series will act as a comprehensive guide to help you build confidence in bigger waves and learn practical ...

  • Surf Trip Ready Series

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    Embark on a 6-week Pilates-inspired journey crafted to prepare you for an upcoming surf retreat. This series incorporates Pilates matwork to enhance core strength, Foundation Training for stability, and HIPS (High Intensity Pilates for Surfers) for increased power. By following this program, you'...

  • All about Surfboards

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    We love surfboards. They are the craft that allow us to glide, slide, shred, play, and express ourselves while riding waves. This section is dedicated to all things surfboards, fins, and other related equipment.

  • Further Essentials

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    In this section you'll find tips on things like choosing the right board, how to read a surf forecast, how to read waves, manage your gear, etc. Any tip related to surfing that's beyond actually catching and riding a wave is found here.