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  • What Do I Do With My Arms? Shortboard Edition

    In this video, Holly dives into the essential techniques for optimizing your arm movements while riding a shortboard. She breaks down what your arms should be doing during:
    - Backside turns
    - Frontside turns
    - Getting Barreled
    As well as common mistakes. So whether you're looking to start turns ...

  • What Do I Do With My Arms? Longboard Edition

    In this video, Holly walks us through what we should (and should not) be doing with our arms when riding a longboard. She discusses how arms can be used for balance, making maneuvers easier, and of course, self-expression!

  • Zoe: A Surf Story Film Premiere and Q & A

    1 item

    Join us on Thursday, May 30th at 6:30 PM PST for live virtual premiere of a powerful film that captures the portrait of a teenage big wave surf phenom from Half Moon Bay, California, who's pooled an eclectic community of mentors to guide her while she learns the ropes of failure, fear, and self-d...

  • A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy: Principle 3

    The ocean is a major influence on weather and climate. In Ocean Literacy Principle 3, Natalie guides us through the ways weather and climate create and affect waves. We dive into how swell, and consequently waves, develop from pressure systems and introduce how these concepts aid us in reading an...

  • A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy: Principle 4

    The ocean made the Earth habitable. In this episode of A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy, Natalie helps us to appreciate the ways that the ocean supports life on our planet. As surfers we spend a lot of time in the ocean catching waves but we don't always recognize the broader contributions that...

  • A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy: Principle 1

    Earth has one big ocean with many features. Natalie discusses how waves are created, how that energy moves around the world, and how a deeper understanding of the ocean helps us, as surfers, find the best waves.

  • A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy: Principle 2

    The ocean and life within it shape the features of the Earth. In Ocean Literacy Principle 2, Natalie walks us through the different types of waves and explains how the surface on which a wave breaks determines its shape, power, height, and length.

  • A Surfer's Guide To Ocean Literacy: Welcome To Ocean Literacy

    Welcome to A Surfer’s Guide To Ocean Literacy. Throughout this series, we will discuss our relationship to the ocean as surfers, exploring how the ocean affects us and the impact we have on it. Natalie Fox will guide us through the 7 Ocean Literacy Principles and how they can make us better surfers.

  • Hoopes Health Module 5: Intermittent Fasting 101

    Join Lisa Hoopes as she explains what intermittent fasting is, what it does, and how it works to maintain homeostasis in our bodies.

    For more information on intermittent fasting and nutrition coaching:

  • How To Hang 5

    In this video we break down how to hang 5, define lift and hold and how they are related, discus the different parts of a longboard that are important for nose riding, and give tips and tricks on how to improve your nose riding in and out of the water.
    If you haven't watched our Introduction To ...

  • Foundations Warm Up 2 With Gabrielle

    Use this pre-surf warm up to get your body ready for an epic session and to reduce risk of injury.

  • Hoopes Health Module 4: Three Game Changing Tips For Metabolic Health

    Nutritionist Lisa Hoopes breaks down three simple, achievable changes that anyone can incorporate into their lifestyle to start becoming or continue staying metabolically healthy.

    For more information and nutrition coaching:

  • How to Cheater 5

    The cheater 5 can be a super cool stylish maneuver for advanced longboarders, a silly move for shortboarders and midlendthers, or a transition to learning how to hang 5 for progressing longboarders. In whichever category you find yourself, if you've wondered about the cheater 5, here's some info.

  • Introduction To Big Wave Surfing With Delia

    Big wave surfer Delia Bense-Kang introduces her video series on big wave surfing.

  • Preparation And Training For Big Waves

    Delia tells us how she trains and prepares for pushing herself in bigger waves, discusses risk assessment and explains what gear she uses for big waves.

  • Introduction To Breath Holding Techniques

    Morgan gives us tips and techniques to increase our breath hold so we can feel more comfortable with wipeouts and hold downs and gain confidence in our ability to handle any underwater situation.

  • 2 Drills To Increase Your Breath Hold

    Morgan goes through two drills that will help you to increase your breath hold time and help you to feel more confident and comfortable in the ocean.

  • Visualization And Wellness

    Delia goes through a visualization exercise she uses to prepare for a big day of swell.

  • Jaws (Pe’ahi) Strike Mission

    Big Wave Babes, Delia Bense-Kang and Polly Ralda, charge a swell at Jaws where Delia accomplishes her long term goal of catching a wave there.
    Check out more from Big Wave Babes here:

  • Calming Yoga for After You’ve Done Something Scary

    After pushing your limits and trying something you find intimidating, your body is often left running high, adrenals racing, and pulse quick. Want to take a beat to process and calm yourself after the excitement? This yin yoga class is just the thing.
    If you want some relaxing music to go wit...

  • Yoga To Calm Your Nervous System With Reesie

    This little gem is designed to get you out of fight or flight and into rest and digest. You're gonna want a bolster and a block for these restorative yoga postures.
    If you're looking for calming music to accompany this class, here's what Reesie cooked up for you on Spotify!

  • Yoga to Prepare for Doing Something Scary With Reesie

    This short sequence is meant to really ground you in your body so you feel centered and powerful to take on anything!

  • The Day Of The Big Swell

    Delia goes through her routine the day of a big swell and give tips to set yourself up for success on a big day.

  • Growing From Fear

    Former pro surfer and surf therapist Holly Beck, talks about the three experiential zones in surfing and guides us through a meditation to help us identify how fear shows up for us, some of the specific triggers, and how to find acceptance and growth.