4-Week Summer Surf Challenge

4-Week Summer Surf Challenge

4 Seasons

STARTING JUNE 24TH (make sure to make a copy of the interactive journal)

We are taking our favorite videos from all over The Collective to create a 28 day holistic surf guide to get you ready for summer. Our goal is to provide you with a set of tools that can help you make the most of your summer and beyond.

This 4-Week Collective Challenge includes:
- Daily activities such as workouts, yoga classes, important technical surf information, journal prompts, meditations and more all aimed at getting you in surf shape physically and mentally
- An interactive journal to keep track of your progress and write your journal entries
- A live community event with the other participants and Holly
- Community group chat for challenge updates, encouragement, and community

Not a member? You can purchase the 4-Week Summer Surf Challenge here: https://collective.surfwithamigas.com/products/4-week-summer-surf-challenge

- Interactive Journal: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1NGPQz7ntMEKtDfaKsYok8Vo2WSuDrmSW7V5VZGNuTMQ/edit?usp=sharing
- Community Chat: https://chat.whatsapp.com/CGScAcqmIqiIrO3HG0GUcw

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4-Week Summer Surf Challenge
  • Shooting Star Yoga Workout with Amy

    Episode 1

    Amy Khoo is an amazing human who has been living in jungle for 30 years. She is 52 years old and stays fit by eating healthy, spending a ton of time in the ocean, and offering yoga-inspired workouts at her Shooting Star studio. Here she leads us through a 30 min flow that will get you sweating fo...

  • The Intentional Surf Practice : The Surf Journal

    Episode 2

    Natalie introduces the benefits of a surf journal for facilitating the creation or enhancement of an intentional surf practice. She introduces the concept as well as some helpful journal prompts for checking in with the surf conditions as well as your internal mental, emotional, and physical stat...

  • Surf Trip Ready Pilates Week 1

    Episode 3

    This week you will experience an essential level Pilates matwork class with STOTT PILATES Instructor Trainer, Gabrielle Cahoon that will introduce you to core strength and stability. These base level exercises set the foundation for all Pilates exercises going forward. Equipment needed: mat and a...

  • Sleepy Time Tea-Sleepy Time Yoga

    Episode 4

    Looking for music to pair with this relaxing flow? Look no further: https://open.spotify.com/playlist/7ixrmPZeetoZm7uNGQYJrI?si=e792289d77354887
    we suggest turning your Spotify a little over half volume for maximum viewing pleasure.

  • Surf Trip Ready Foundation Training Week 1

    Episode 5

    Welcome to your first Foundation Training workout with certified Level 2 Foundation Training Instructor, Gabrielle Cahoon. In this video you will discover the power of decompression breathing with two exercises: Supine Decompression (lying on your back) and Prone Decompression (lying on your bell...

  • The Secret to Reading Waves

    Episode 6

    You can practice your popups and study maneuvers, but until you can understand where to paddle for the wave, which wave to choose, and what that wave is going to do, your progression is limited. This video will introduce the concepts needed to begin understanding how to read waves. Spoiler alert:...