Thrive with Amigas

Thrive with Amigas

Thrive with Amigas is a safe and supportive space to prioritize mental and emotional well-being, cultivate an intentional surf practice, and develop the necessary skills to navigate challenges. By offering a combination of mindfulness practices, mental health resources, and community support, Thrive with Amigas aims to empower surfers to lead fulfilling, balanced, and resilient lives both in and out of the water.

Thrive with Amigas
  • Visualization And Wellness

    Delia goes through a visualization exercise she uses to prepare for a big day of swell.

  • Growing From Fear

    Former pro surfer and surf therapist Holly Beck, talks about the three experiential zones in surfing and guides us through a meditation to help us identify how fear shows up for us, some of the specific triggers, and how to find acceptance and growth.

  • A Surf Therapist's Perspective on Managing Fear

    Natalie weighs in on the topic of fear. She explains why fear can be good, how fear stuck in our bodies becomes toxic, and practical tips to release fear either before paddling out or while in the lineup.

  • Guide To Thrive Week 4: Rediscovering Play

    As our final workshop in the Guide To Thrive Series Holly guides us through an inner child meditation to help us to reconnect with the feeling of play. Rediscover play just for the sake of play with us!

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  • Guide To Thrive Week 3: Understanding And Embracing Your Fears

    This week we discuss fear, shedding light on the space where we hold our fears and accepting fear as a part of being human. Join us in exploring, understanding, and embracing fear .

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  • Guide To Thrive Week 2: Setting Healthy Goals To Claim Your Dreams

    Holly walks us through the steps of healthy goal setting in surfing and in life.

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  • Guide To Thrive Week 1: Own Your Awesomeness

    Holly leads us through a journaling exercise to acknowledge our past accomplishments, practice positive self talk and celebrate where we are now. You are awesome. Own it!

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  • 3 Healthy Ways to Release Anger

    Anger is normal, but if kept buried in our bodies it can lead to negative health effects. It is essential for long term health to express anger and clear it from our bodies. Lara talks us through three ways to safely express anger to be able to show up as our highest healthiest selves.

  • It's OK to Get Angry

    Anger is a normal part of the human experience. We all get angry and despite what culture may lead us to believe, it's important and healthy to show anger. Lara talks us through normalizing anger and how to notice it show up in our bodies.

  • The Intentional Surf Practice : The Surf Journal

    Natalie introduces the benefits of a surf journal for facilitating the creation or enhancement of an intentional surf practice. She introduces the concept as well as some helpful journal prompts for checking in with the surf conditions as well as your internal mental, emotional, and physical stat...

  • The Intentional Surf Practice : HEAL Between Waves

    Natalie explains why we are more likely to remember and hold on to negative experiences in the water which can perpetuate fear. In order to balance this out by intentionally holding on to positive experiences and facilitate integrating them into our sense of selves, she talks through the steps of...

  • Miracle Surfer Meditation - What Brings You The Most Joy in Surfing

    A lot of our goals in surfing are influenced by what see on social media, in images or videos of our favorite surfers, or what we think we should be striving towards in the water. Performance is great, but really surfing is about having fun and experiencing the joy of connecting with the ocean. E...

  • The Groundswell Popup

    Moving with the breath is something we're used to doing in yoga and maybe even a workout, but while popping up? That's different! Natalie Small, a licensed therapist and the founder of Groundswell Community Project explains an alternative popup and breathing techniques. She explains how you can u...

  • Being Kind to Yourself and Other Tips for First Timers

    Xiquiu has been a surf instructor at Surf With Amigas for years. This is an excerpt from her beginner lesson where she talks about the best mindset to have when starting out in surfing, as well as a few other helpful tips to set you up for success.

  • Journaling Workshop: Stepping Into Gratitude

    In this workshop Lizzy invites us to step into gratitude with three journaling prompts. She also reminds us the importance of practicing gratitude. A simple daily gratitude practice is taking a moment to think or write out three things that you are grateful for. Please share any reflections, comm...

  • Journaling Workshop: Turning Passion and Purpose Into Action

    In this workshop Lizzy guides us through a journaling exercise to find where our passions and purpose overlap to help us navigate decision making in our personal and professional life. Please share any reflections, comments or thoughts in the comments section!